Deciphering the placard of the “Roswell Slides”

SmartDeblur (v. 2.2 and 2.3) was used initially on an image received (not by me) from an anonymous source in the slides promoters’ team, on May 8th 2015:

Kodachome #9

A few hours later I e-mailed this relatively well deblurred image to SlideBox Media, who were the first to see it outside of the RSRG (Roswell Slides Research Group):


The same processing was applied to the image uploaded the next day by SlideBox Media at my request and reproduced by many people:


Later, Jaime Maussan published a different, much less sharp, version of the scan. It turns out Slidebox Media’s version was heavily sharpened (almost certainly using Smart Sharpen in Photoshop) which explains why it looks different.

The whole text finally deciphered (illustration by Nippa Downey):
Texte déchiffré

For more information:

5/18/2015 update : Blurity

Blurity was also used with success on the image of the placard. After several dozens of clicks in various places I finally managed to get this result from the image that was in possession of Anthony Bragalia, which is not of the best quality:

Screen capture of Blurity

The automatically generated kernel can’t be edited.

5/24/2015 update: Photoshop CC

A few tries were needed to manually select a rectangle that generated a good enough result on the image uploaded by Jaime Maussan:

Screen capture of deblur done in Photoshop on Maussan's scanFor the high-resolution scan uploaded by SlideBox Media a reduced image seems to produce better results:

Screen capture of deblur done in Photoshop on Adam Dew's scan

One Response to “Deciphering the placard of the “Roswell Slides””

  1. Tom says:

    I’ve been meaning to come here and congratulate you on a great job in deciphering the placard. You have done a great service to both believers and non-believers of the phenomena. Very impressive work indeed.

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