A Prehistoric Mummy — The Coconino Weekly Sun, March 19, 1896

The Coconino Weekly Sun 1896-03-19 p1

The Coconino Weekly Sun, Flagstaff, Arizona, March 19, 1896, p. 1


Prospectors Make Some Interesting Discoveries.

Monday, a party of prospectors on their way from Phoenix to Mangus, Colorado, stopped in town for a few hours. On their way here they spent a week at Montezuma Wells and at Montezuma’s Castle, on Beaver creek. At the latter place there are a large number of prehistoric cliff dwellings, which the party investigated. They found the former burying ground of the extinct race and unearthed twenty skeletons. They were fortunate enough to find one mummified body, the first one, it is believed, that has been found, and they propose to take the mummy to Denver, where they expect to sell it.

Dr. D. J. Brannen was given an opportunity to examine the mummy and describes it as being a fine specimen and well preserved. The mummy is that of an adult male and of a pigmy race. It measured three and one-half feet in length. Of the skeletons found by the party none of them exceeded that height, which seems to have been the greatest stature obtained by the unknown race of people that once inhabited all this portion of Arizona.

It is unfortunate that the mummy could not be purchased from the travelers, as it should be in the possession of some one of our historical societies, and should remain in the Territory, instead of some Eastern museum.

Is this a different discovery by prospectors nearly at the same time and place or a garbled version of the Palmer and Wetherill expedition?

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