Deciphering the placard of the “Roswell Slides”

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SmartDeblur (v. 2.2 and 2.3) was used initially on an image received (not by me) from an anonymous source in the slides promoters’ team, on May 8th 2015: A few hours later I e-mailed this relatively well deblurred image to SlideBox Media, who were the first to see it outside of the RSRG (Roswell Slides […]


The discovery of the mummy of a child in 1896 at Montezuma Castle

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Montezuma Castle National Monument (credit: John de Dios/Wikimedia Commons) Richard Wetherill wrote about his travels and visit to Montezuma Castle with the Palmer family in 1896 in an article published in the Mancos Times, March 20, 1896. This is the part relevant to the discovery of the “Roswell Slides” mummy: [...] At the east end […]


A Prehistoric Mummy — The Coconino Weekly Sun, March 19, 1896

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The Coconino Weekly Sun, Flagstaff, Arizona, March 19, 1896, p. 1 A PREHISTORIC MUMMY Prospectors Make Some Interesting Discoveries. Monday, a party of prospectors on their way from Phoenix to Mangus, Colorado, stopped in town for a few hours. On their way here they spent a week at Montezuma Wells and at Montezuma’s Castle, on […]


Editing the kernel in SmartDeblur

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I was asked to explain how I created the “blur model” (a.k.a. kernel) for the placard. SmartDeblur uses a point spread function image as the convolution kernel. This small grayscale image is displayed on the left. “Analyze Blur” generates a kernel automatically. Depending on how you select an area (or don’t select anything and use […]


Analysis of the “Roswell Slides” (FAQ)

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(A short FAQ focusing on the highlights of the analysis from my perspective as a member of the RSRG.) Who discovered the slides and when? “Cat” (or “Cathy”) claims that she found a box of about 400 Kodachrome slides while cleaning out a house in preparation for an estate sale near Sedona, Arizona in 1998. […]


Le déchiffrage de l’étiquette des « diapositives de Roswell »

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Le programme SmartDeblur (v. 2.2 et 2.3) a été utilisé initialement sur une image obtenue d’une source anonyme dans l’équipe des promoteurs des diapositives, le 8/5/2015 : J’ai envoyé une image assez convenablement dé-floutée par e-mail quelques heures après à SlideBox Media, qui ont été les premiers à la voir en dehors du RSRG (Roswell […]

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